What kind of logo label is suitable for sportswear?

What kind of logo label is suitable for sportswear?

The first answer is silicone label, if your clothing brand/sportwear clothing brand is high performance and good quality.

Sportswear usually included:

1. Yoga Set

2. Leggings

3. Sweatpants

4. Stringer Vest & Tank Top


Those fabrics are uasually: Polyester, Polyamide Nylon, Spandex, Cotton.

3d Silicone label heat transfer on these clothing are very good and luxury, it is a very good way to show your clothing brand, like many good sportswear brand:

Nike, Puma, Addidas, Fila,  they are all fond of these silicone labels.

It can be reflective 2D labels, and raised silicone logo patches, flat printing heat transfer silicone labels, all kinds of unique logo designs can be made in this silicone

label design.

1. Yoga Set

yoga set often use flat printing heat transfer label, because it is very big strechy spandex fabric, so it is better to use silicone to do the logo part, otherwise it will be easy

to break, and not sustained on the logo part.